domenica 5 aprile 2015

Some minis...first step in speed painting technique

Going on with painting experiments...
Starting from old and damaged minis,one withe-primered(genestalker) and another one black-promered(lotr goblin),i hve tried to paint them in lesa then 10 minutes.

Only 2-3 layer for tone colour,massive use of drybrushes and washes.

If you close up them you can find a lot of mistake,but in a broader context you have a little pleasent view.

What's the conclusion ?
The black base is easier to manage than the white base:drybrush-layer on black base don't need precision for a good look result.if you mess up the passage with a heavy wash you can solve.
Withe base can easily manager with progressive steps of dark washes:on the other side drybrush is very hard to right perform.

Hop you enjoy next picts

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